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Diagnosing Murphy’s Law Under the Hood of a Ford F-150

Most of us working in the automotive service trades are very familiar with Murphy’s Law and how it affects our shop’s cost of doing business. Murphy’s Law says, “Everything that can go wrong usually will go wrong.” Gary Goms investigates a mysterious engine noise in a 1989 Ford F-150 pickup equipped with the venerable 5.0L or 302 cubic-inch V8 engine.

A New Look at Cooling System Technology

While changes in modern cooling system technology might not be apparent in day-to-day servicing, the fact is that auto manufacturers are continuing to increase fuel economy and power output by changing how the cooling system operates.

Diagnostic Solutions: Engine Lubrication System Problems

Auto manufacturers are continuing to reduce vehicle maintenance requirements by extending oil change intervals, but many vehicle owners are forgetting to check their engine’s oil level between oil changes, warns Gary Goms, import specialist contributor. As such, extended oil change intervals are changing how we should recommend and perform scheduled vehicle maintenance.

Diagnostic Solutions: Testing Fuel Delivery Systems – Checking the Basics First Can Facilitate Diagnostic Strategy

Vehicle fuel delivery technology has evolved to include conventional, pulse-modulated and direct fuel injection systems, with each having a specific set of components and testing issues. Gary Goms explains how to avoid some of the most common mistakes in diagnosing fuel delivery systems.

Diagnostic Dilemmas: Going with the Flow

This month’s Diagnostic Dilemma is headlined by a loss of power complaint in a 2002 Toyota 4-Runner equipped with the 3.4L V6 engine and automatic transmission. The 4-Runner had a relatively smooth idle, but wouldn’t shift gears at wide-open throttle (WOT). Because I live high in the Colorado mountains, loss of power complaints are relatively common and, in most cases, can be confirmed by test-driving the vehicle up one of the mountainous inclines in my area.

Diagnostic Solutions: Spring Training – Creating Optimal Suspension and Steering Performance

A good understanding of how springs are rated and how they operate is indispensable for achieving the anticipated outcomes in spring modifications, says Gary Goms, import specialist contributor. With these issues in mind, he covers the basics of how springs operate and how to choose a spring that will enhance vehicle performance.

Diagnostic Solutions: Ignition Coil Diagnostics

Import Specialist Gary Goms says there are a variety of opinions about how to test ignition coils and ignition systems. The most basic method is measuring a coil’s primary and secondary resistance. But meeting primary and secondary resistance specs on the bench is no guarantee that the coil will perform correctly under extreme heat and load.

Diagnostic Dilemmas: 8 Simple Rules …

Many of the “Diagnostic Dilemmas” Gary Goms is called upon to solve aren’t really all that complicated – but were caused by basic oversights and incorrect assumptions on the part of the technician. This situation has largely been caused by a lack of training and, in some cases, poor training.

Diagnostic Solutions: The Relationship Between PCMs, Sensors and Actuators

Not that I recommend installing used PCMs, but I occasionally need a rebuildable core to replace a missing or badly damaged powertrain control module (PCM). But lately, I’ve noticed that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a used PCM for an older import at a local auto salvage yard. While it’s sheer speculation on my part, this apparent shortage of PCM cores might be caused by too many poorly trained technicians replacing PCMs to solve sensor-based problems. In most of these cases, the problem remains unsolved even as the original and fully functional PCM is casually tossed into the trash when the tech moves on to another job.

Diagnostic Solutions: Lube Bay Strategies

Because import auto manufacturers have been steadily reducing scheduled maintenance requirements, many import shops have experienced a

Cylinder Head Sealing – Gasket Surface Machining Is The Most Critical Area of Cylinder Head Repair

Early this year, I had a chat with a technical representative for a major aftermarket gasket manufacturer who shed some light on some of the problems facing the cylinder head gasket market. According to this representative, the relatively short production life of modern engines also shortens the time that an aftermarket gasket company needs to

Diagnostic Dilemmas: The Diagnostic Tail Gunner – Surviving in the Age of Information

One of the first survival skills my professor taught is called “preparatory set,” which is simply the act of preparing to do something. Each of us engages in preparatory set when we open our toolboxes each morning. The very act of opening our toolbox signals to our mind that we’re ready to go to work and deal with the day’s issues.