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Belts and Hose Inspectionscan Lead to Profitable Add-On Sales

Accessory drive belts and coolant hose replacements are perhaps the most popular and lucrative add-on services in the independent import shop. Because belt and hose inspections are included in auto manufacturers’ scheduled maintenance charts, service writers at most well-managed shops recommend a belt and hose inspection along with tuneup, oil change, starting, charging, cooling, air

Secondary Ignition System Maintenance

As one might expect, the introduction of low-maintenance ignition systems has changed how we sell and service secondary ignition system parts for import vehicles. Most import nameplates have, for example, replaced conventional distributor ignition systems with distributorless or coil-on-plug (COP) ignitions in order to reduce the number of wearing parts in the secondary or high-voltage

Installing Quality Disc Brake Pads

Because today’s lighter and more friction-efficient disc brakes have become very sensitive to differences in friction materials, the issue of selecting a quality brake pad is becoming increasingly relevant to the quality-conscious installer. To illustrate, aftermarket manufacturers of high-performance disc brakes offer literally dozens of racing pads that are qualitatively equal, but vary widely in