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Radiator Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

Although radiators aren’t glamorous, high-tech replacement parts like wide-band oxygen sensors and Karman-Vortex air flow sensors, diagnosing and replacing them when they become defective is becoming a more important part of vehicle maintenance today. There are at least three reasons why radiators are becoming important maintenance items. First, late-model vehicles are now being driven well

Diagnostic Dilemmas: Driving Forces Behind a Driveability Technician

He used to be known as the tune-up guy, the shop troubleshooter or the ace mechanic. Today, he’s known as a driveability tech. Tomorrow, when body control electronics come on full line, he’ll probably be known as an electronics diagnostics technician. Whatever his name might be, most of us know that driveability techs are smart,

Getting “Tuned” Into Exhaust System Service Opportunities

Although stainless steel exhaust systems have reduced the number of exhaust system replacements, it’s important to remember that regular exhaust system inspections remain an integral part of import service. When inspecting an exhaust system, remember that the exhaust pipe and muffler must: Help “tune” the engine for peak performance; Reduce noise to legal levels; Meet

Permanent Magnet Starters: ‘Starting’ the Electrical Diagnosis

When we diagnose problems with the modern, permanent magnet, reduction-gear import starter, we begin by looking at a system composed of the battery, starter and connecting wiring. The automotive battery, for example, is designed as a fast-discharge battery capable of sustaining enough amperage output to crank the engine until the fuel injection and ignition cycles

Selling Multi-Coil Ignition Parts

Time has indeed passed you by if you still believe in the traditional import engine tuneup. Many years ago, much of the import service market revolved around the annual spark plug, ignition cable, distributor cap and rotor replacement needed to maintain an import engine at peak efficiency. During the past decade, however, multi-coil waste-spark and

Mass Air Flow Operation Strategy

When diagnosing hot-wire air flow meters (A/F meters) on Subarus and similarly equipped Asian vehicles, technicians may find that, while the meter passes all recommended test procedures, the engine exhibits driveability conditions associated with lean air/fuel mixture ratios. In these cases, it’s best to form a diagnostic strategy based on the relatively simple operating principles

Filtering in New Opportunities

Your sniffling, sneezing customers could be just the sales opportunity your shop was itching for. That’s because consumers with severe allergies could benefit the most from a replacement of their vehicle’s cabin air filter (CAF). Allergy-affected customers may be the only ones you have who even know that their vehicle contains a cabin air filter.

Understanding Operating Strategies

As driveability technicians, we’ve been taught to solve diagnostic problems by gathering and analyzing data. Data usually comes in three basic forms, the first of which is sensory data that we can see, hear, smell or feel. The second form is measured values gathered by using test equipment like lab scopes and multimeters. The third

Alternators Are the Heart of Import Electrical Systems

In current SAE J1930 terminology, the “alternator” is now being referred to as a “generator.” Of course, this isn’t news for many import technicians because many imports have always been equipped with “generators” for several years. By either name, the alternator’s job has definitely become more complex during the past decade. Years ago, the typical

Engine Series: Proper Maintenance Can Extend an Odyssey

We all know that some vehicle owners don’t adhere to preventative maintenance schedules for their vehicles. So when a customer’s vehicle is in for a major problem or service, take advantage of in-depth system inspections. It may be one of the few times that you get to check the vehicle for severely worn parts. Although

Head Gasket Replacement

During some point in their service lives, most import engines built with cast-iron cylinder blocks and aluminum cylinder heads will need a cylinder head gasket replacement. The vulnerability of aluminum-head engines to head gasket failure is caused by the aluminum cylinder head expanding approximately 1.5 times more than the cast-iron block. Although measured in thousandths

Matching Your Techs with the Right Job

Just a single decade ago, many industry experts speculated that 80% of the workflow passing through an independent repair shop would involve some type of high-level diagnostic process. Today, it’s obvious that, with the infusion of electronic operating systems, high-level diagnostics is now approaching that level of total workflow. Nevertheless, many others continue to ridicule