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Directions: Oils Well that Ends Well

Across the country, more and more Americans are adjusting their lifestyles to become more “green” – whether carrying their groceries in re-useable shopping bags, recycling the plastics, glass and paper from their garbage, or using a non-disposable water bottle with a built-in filter to cutback on disposable water bottles.

Directions: Cost of Owning and Driving a Vehicle Climbs

According to AAA, despite seeing reduced costs for maintenance and insurance this year, there is an overall increase in the costs to own and operate a vehicle in the U.S.

Directions: Driving History

Whatever your taste in vehicles may be, there is an automotive museum that will satisfy your interest.

Directions: U.S. House Votes to Put the Brakes on E15

In February, the U.S. House of Representatives passed an amendment blocking federal funding of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) action to implement the use of E15.

Directions: ASE Honors 2010’s Best and Brightest

The staff of Underhood Service congratulates the winners, as well as the award sponsors, for their understanding of the need to promote professionalism in our industry.

Was the Automakers Bailout Worth the Cost?

According to CAR, an Ann Arbor, MI-based nonprofit research organization, government assistance to General Motors and Chrysler enabled orderly bankruptcy proceedings and led to the saving of more than 1.14 million automotive related jobs in 2009.

Directions: Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

For most shop owners and repair businesses, customer feedback is often immediate, allowing you to act upon it quickly. For example, maybe a customer complained that their vehicle interior was returned to them dirty or with grease smudges. A new customer policy could be implemented where your techs or a service writer inspects the vehicle and wipes up any repair-related dirt prior to contacting the owner for pickup.

Directions: E15 — Helping or Hurting American Drivers?

At Issue: E15 fuel blends could be available by March or April of 2011, assuming the EPA makes two approvals for use of E15 in 2001 cars and newer models by the end of the year.

Tech Feature: General Motor’s Ecotec 2.0L Turbo Engine

General Motors introduced its powerful Ecotec 2.0L direct

Groups Form To Delay E15 Fuel

The groups contend that E15 could harm many types of vehicle engines, fuel systems and components, as well as the environment.

Book Report: Weekend Projects for Your Mustang 2005-Today

The Ford Mustang is the most popular American performance car of all time, and it’s supported by a huge aftermarket devoted to increasing its performance and improving its looks. Yet, with all the performance parts available to the enthusiast, many owners are unsure how to go about modifying their car.

Directions: GM Leads the Industry in the Race for a Greener Refrigerant

The switch to HFO-1234yf is expected to help GM vehicles meet the overall requirements of the U.S. EPA’s latest motor vehicle greenhouse gas regulations.