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Why Reading The Manual Is Essential

The fact is, what you don’t know may not hurt you, but it might hurt your customer – at the very least, it can kill your bottom line.

What Does The Customer Need?

A change is coming to our industry. In fact, it’s probably already happening. If I have not been direct enough about that in the past, let me be so now. What you repair, how often you perform maintenance, typical component failures and the motivating reason for owning a vehicle have already changed, says Donny Seyfer.

Overcoming Identity Crisis Means Equal Parts Art And Science

The automotive industry has suffered with an identity crisis for a number of years. Some of it is self-inflicted and some of it is due to public stigma which comes from a lack of understanding about what it takes to successfully move along with a large dose of commoditization in a race to the bottom.

Technology Corner: Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence? Simply put, it is the development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition and decision-making.

SAE J2534, Part II: How Much Money Are You Losing By Not Doing Vehicle Reflashing?

In Part I of this series, I talked about what J2534 was and a bit about how it works. I would like to use this followup article to lower the fear factor and tell you what to expect when setting up a computer to run a J2534-supported software program.

The Ins And Outs Of The SAE J2534 Vehicle Communication Interface

The ultimate goal of J2534 for 2018 model year and, in some cases, much earlier vehicles is for shops to be able to run OEM and aftermarket scan tool software and programming applications to include vehicle security over a common standardized Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI).

Rental Car Evolution Presents Service Opportunities & Can Extend Your Shop’s Car Count

There are a growing number of privately owned rental fleets. These fleets are not big businesses, but rather small ones that are run by private individuals. You can find them with mobile apps and websites like Turo and Uber.

Colorado High School Students Get By With a Little Help From Their Friends

Starting with 16 students, Sprague announced to the very first Wheat Ridge STEM Engineering Team that they were going to build a car and compete in the Shell Eco-marathon, which challenges student teams across the globe to design, build, test and drive ultra-energy-efficient vehicles.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Teaching Vehicles How To Drive

Artificial intelligence, or machine learning, is one of the hottest topics in the tech industry right now, and it is certainly spilling over into the automotive world.

Self driving autonomous intelligent cars
Public Relations In The Auto Repair Industry: Image Is Everything

Donny Seyfer is fighting to clean up the auto repair industry’s image by calling for a more focused approach to serving women.

Wall Street Is Talking Auto Repair: Are You Listening?

Have you ever wondered what Wall Street thinks about your business? Did you know that Wall Street even cares? Several times a year, I consult with investment analysts to help them understand what is happening in the independent repair sector. The funny thing is that I’m sure I learn far more from them than they learn from me.

Steering Clear Of The Downsides Of New Vehicle Technology

Driver distraction is one of the biggest factors contributing to the large number of vehicle crashes on the roads today. With more and more distractions coming to the center stack, how can anyone be expected to focus on driving? Regarding this issue, I think that the lobby for cellular companies has prevailed to the detriment of its customers.

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