David Rogers, Author at Brake & Front End
If Best Efforts Don’t Bring Great Customers, Change Now

How do you know if your marketing efforts are working? If you’re getting the right kinds of customers.

Lies About Advertising Business Owners May Believe

Whether you believe you’re too slow or too busy to advertise, you’re wrong.

Learning How To Grow Your Shop Through Crisis

Some shops thrived over the past tumultuous year, proof that you can grow your shop, no matter what.

Educating Customers To Make The Right Decision: Building Trust And Lasting Loyalty Among Your Customer Base

There used to always be a fight in our shop. A fight with the customer to get them to open their wallet. A fight with the staff to get them to treat the customer right. A fight to be profitable. It’s amazing to look back on how hard things used to be, before we made educating our customers to make the right decisions a way of life.

The Art Of Setting Goals For Your Business: Continuous Improvement Helps Pinpoint Opportunities For Growth

For years, I’ve stressed the importance of setting appropriate benchmarks, holding your team accountable for reaching them, and measuring daily to track your progress so you can train and adjust to hit your goals by month’s end. The old way of running a shop, where you send your financials to an accountant and find out on the 15th of the following month whether you made or lost money, is long extinct. You can’t fix the month’s numbers if you don’t see them until it’s too late!

Honesty, Service And Integrity: The Details That Matter Most To Customers During The Vehicle Service Process

This probably doesn’t come as news to you, but every new customer who walks through your doors comes preloaded with trust issues. They have already been betrayed by their car and probably also by the dealer at one time or another, and they expect you to be the latest one to disappoint them.