Bob Cooper, Author at Brake & Front End
A Shop Owner’s Guide To Employee Training

This guide was put together to help you create an employee training program that will enable you to join the ranks of the industry superstars.

A Shop Owner’s Checklist For Creating Team Spirit

Regardless of whether you have one or 20 employees, your productivity and profits will both go up if all your employees work together as a team.

3 Easy Ways To Drive Up Your Car Counts

If you are looking drive up your car counts, investing in the right marketing strategies and advertising programs are a good place to start. Yet, far too many shop owners fail to go back to the basics, so with this article I’d like to share some ideas for how you can increase your car counts in quick and cost-free ways.

Marketing: The Most Costly Mistakes Shop Owners Make

If there is one thing most shop owners have in common, it’s that they have big hearts. They typically start their careers as technicians, and, as soon as they have their own shops, they want to help as many people as they can. To achieve this goal, they network through their family and friends and do everything in their power to get the word out into their communities about their shop. And then the inevitable happens: they wake up one morning and decide it’s finally time to advertise.

Price Shopping Auto Parts

There is no question; if you plan on being successful in the auto repair business, you have to buy high-quality parts. Substandard parts will drive up your repair time, they’ll drive up your warranty claims and they’ll erode your customer base.

Dealing With A Difficult Employee?

When you start to see a pattern in behavioral issues; such as a tech, manager or service advisor coming in late, here are three things you need to consider.

A Shop Owner’s Guide To Staying Ahead Of The Competition

Not long ago, it was easy to beat your competitors. All that you needed was more equipment, a healthy advertising budget and the ability to fix cars right the first time. Well, those days are long gone. Today, cars are being built better and require service less frequently, customers have more choices than ever before, and they are able to do a tremendous amount of research online before they even pick up the phone.