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Point of View: The Power of Price

Most tool and equipment surveys that I have seen always ask the question of the technician or shop owner, “How important is price when you consider a purchase?” Answers usually include other comparison points, like quality, availability, warranty, convenience, selection, service, made in USA and payment options. And the price factor usually comes after quality,

Point of View: Industry Week Elicits Thoughts on Associations

If this is the first page you read in TechShop, then you still have a lot to see of the new products and news from Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week (AAIW), held in November in Las Vegas. If this is the last page, then you’ve seen all the latest info on new and improved equipment, tools

Point of View: This is Customer Service?

Sometimes I can be a little opinionated, and sometimes I can be a little cranky. Today is one of those days when I am both. I am a simple consumer: I am a BIG fan of GREAT customer service and I HATE BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I recently tested the customer service-ability of one of the

Point Of View: ‘Upon My Honor…’

In our June issue of TechShop, I asked our readers, “What’s your motto?” I told you my proposed motto for the Universal Independent Shop Owner and Professional Technician: “I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, responsible for what I say and do, and to respect myself

Point Of View: What’s Your Motto?

Motto: n. 1. A sentence, phrase or word inscribed on something, as a coat of arms, to express its purpose or character. 2. A brief expression of a guiding principle. When I think of mottos, the first one that comes to mind is the Girl Scout motto: On my honor, I will try: To serve

Point Of View: You Can Guide Your Shop from Good to Great!

Not counting shops like a Midas, Tuffy or Quick Lube, there are approximately 134,000 independent automotive repair shops currently in operation in the U.S. market today. Most of them are probably pretty good to very good. A small minority would be considered great. Can you say your shop is Good? Can you say your shop

Point Of View: Your Management Style Defines Your Level of Success

Be competent, be trustworthy, put other peoples’ needs first. Many people think these are three cornerstones of good selling. I think these are also three principles of good management. Of course, other skills and attributes are important. Good managers need to be able to think strategically, they need to be good sales people and good

Point of View: Image is Everything

In America, many times this is true. Image is everything. Many people think, “If I’m doing a great job, why does it matter how I look?” In America, right or wrong, it matters. Perception is the first half of the battle for business you must fight every day. Envision this scenario: A car breaks down

Cordless Tools: Is it Time to Cut the Cord?

Power tools have certainly changed over the last 40 years. You’ve seen the ads — cordless tools changing the world, one battery, more power, durability, etc. I can remember when the world consisted of two professional air tool manufacturers (who shall remain nameless). Now, there are at least 12 that come quickly to mind, with

Point Of View: Who Will Fix Cars 10 Years From Now? Part Two

I hadn’t planned on writing a follow-up to my last column, but reader response was so strong, I felt compelled to continue the discussion on the Great American Technician Shortage. Actually, I’m going to let our readers write most of this column, but I can’t let the moment go without putting in my two cents’

Point of View: Who Will Fix Cars 10 Years from Now?

I am so tired of hearing about the technician shortage. If this industry is in such dire peril of not having enough technicians today and tomorrow, why the heck aren’t more people in this business doing something to improve the situation? The Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium (GAAS) was held in Dearborn, MI, earlier this year.

Point Of View: It’s Show Time…An Opportunity for Training and Education

Shop owners need business skills training and need to invest in their business — including tools and technology,” commented Larry Samuelson, president of NAPA’s U.S. Automotive Parts Group Headquarters, at the 2005 Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium*, last May in Chicago. He was speaking these words to many of the automotive aftermarket’s top manufacturers and suppliers,