American Petroleum Institute's Motor Oil Matters Website Receives Virtual Tune-Up

American Petroleum Institute’s Motor Oil Matters Website Receives Virtual Tune-Up

The American Petroleum Institute unveiled its newly refurbished website for the Motor Oil Matters (MOM) program, featuring a completely redesigned interface intended to offer improved functionality and an overall enhanced user experience.

The American Petroleum Institute unveiled its newly refurbished website for the Motor Oil Matters (MOM) program, featuring a completely redesigned interface intended to offer improved functionality and an overall enhanced user experience. The mobile-optimized site boasts new content and architecture, helping to clearly identify and direct consumers and industry audiences to the right content for their needs.

Motor Oil Matters is a consumer education and industry watchdog program run by the American Petroleum Institute, established to stress the benefits of quality motor oils and bring together consumers and all parts of the motor oil business to ensure drivers get the right motor oil for their cars and trucks – every time.

“MOM’s mission is to ensure that drivers are as knowledgeable as possible when it comes to using high-quality motor oil in their vehicle’s engine and that our industry lives up to the highest standards,” said Kevin Ferrick, API’s Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System manager. “The launch of MOM’s remodeled website helps us to focus on this mission by providing users smoother and more organized navigation to create a reliable and trustworthy source for all things motor oil.”

For consumers, the new site has been rebuilt to reinforce MOM’s position as a quality resource for information on car care and engine maintenance, including an extended database of educational automotive material controlled by an enhanced SiteCore content management system. For quick access to locate a MOM-licensed oil change location in the area, whether at home or on the go, both the main site and its responsive mobile version feature a user-friendly banner that redirects consumers to the MOM-approved oil change locator, MOM’s own full on-site search engine for those looking to take the best care of their car.

Motorists can learn proper engine maintenance more easily with the assistance of the new “MOM Oil Change Checklist” and a variety of informational subcategories that advise drivers on how to identify quality motor oil and the risks of using oil that is sub-par.

“The rebuild of the MOM site was not just to make us more consumer-friendly,” added Ferrick. “We’ve listened to feedback from the industry and have improved the clarity, functionality and flow of the industry-related side of the site, as well.”

The updated interactive layout in the industry section directs industry visitors to pertinent information and delivers easier navigation, more prominent positioning of the most frequently sought after information and is equipped with e-mail registration and multi-list segmentation for marketers, distributors and installers, respectively. The new system also enables prospective members to navigate the MOM licensing process in a more organized, fluid fashion, delivering an overall improved and speedy experience.

“Motor Oil Installers and Distributors already have enough complex regulatory information they have to deal with, especially with new state chain of custody and labeling guidelines,” continued Ferrick. “MOM was designed to help our members more easily meet those regulations, and now the new MOM website reflects the same commitment to ease of use and benefit delivery.”

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