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Inside The Bosch Xperience Mobile Technician Training

Robert Bosch LLC has been bringing technician training straight to the shop this year with its Bosch Xperience mobile tour, and when it rolled into The Swedish Solution in Orange Village, Ohio, a team of editors from Babcox Media had to check it out. In...


Oklahoma Shops Organize To Join Auto Care Association

The auto shops in Tulsa, Okla., are organizing an effort to all join the Automotive Service Association in order to improve the overall service levels of the city. ABC Channel 8 in Tulsa, Okla., has the details: Randy Calley of Same Day Auto Repair...


Service Adviser Pay Program Tips That Work

If you are looking to drive up your profits, you need to ensure you have service advisers that have the right attitude, aptitude and ethics. They will need to have the natural talent to sell, they will need to be well trained, and they will need to have...


Mercedes-Benz: Installation guidelines for Smart Car front wheel bearing

The typical solution for replacing the front wheel hub on a 2008-‘13 Mercedes-Benz Smart Car is a front wheel hub assembly, including a front wheel hub and knuckle. However, with a wheel hub-only ­solution for the Mercedes Smart Car, like the one offered...


Kia: Uncovering Unperformed Maintenance

While some vehicle problems will motivate the customer to make an appointment, an equal amount of Kia repair opportunities will be discovered as the vehicle is being serviced. If you’re not already doing so, always encourage your customers to keep...


The Evolving Oil Change Market

The only constant in the oil change business is change itself, especially if you’re trying to maintain an inventory of engine oil for all makes and models of vehicles. Since Volkswagen began ­requiring application-specific engine oil in the mid-1990s,...


Tell Us Your Top 5 Tools and Win!

Send in your list of your five favorite tools and equipment that help you most in the shop, and you could be chosen to win a $25 gift card for Bass Pro Shops. From scan tools to flashlights, impact wrenches to on-car brake lathes or computer systems...


Pulling Codes: Good Guys Vs. Bad Guys

The Story of U0100 This article will document Code U0100 — Lost Communication with the ECM/PCM. In the world of automotive module-to-module communication, it can mimic a good guy/bad guy situation — the good guy has made an attempt to communicate...


Snap-on Franchisee Conference Introduces Latest Tool & Equipment Innovations

The Snap-on Tools Franchisee Conference (SFC), held in Orlando, FL, played host to more than 8,000 registered attendees this past weekend; including principals representing more than 3,000 North American routes as well as their families and guests. The...


Diagnosing Power Steering Loss on a 2008 Ford Escape

The vehicle in question is a 2008 Ford Escape with a 3.0-L engine. The customer complaints are as follows: The steering wheel will turn by itself; at times, usually when turning, the vehicle will lose all power steering assist; and occasionally, while...


Cartridge Oil Filter Tips

Cartridge oil filters account for a large number of oil filter applications in the field. The chances of improperly installing a cartridge oil filter are greater than with a spin-on filter. The key is to take your time, inspect before installing and follow...


The Case of the Missing Starter

I was called last fall by a client who owns a heavy-duty diesel shop to diagnose a no-cranking condition on his father-in-law’s 2006 Chevrolet Tahoe. Because his work is mainly with heavy-duty trucks, my client knew he was lacking both in tooling and...


Home Chassis Tech Tip: Acura MDX Suspension May Pop, Clunk or Thump

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A 2001 Acura MDX owner may complain of front-end noises. There are three distinct noises that may come from the front suspension:
1. A sharp metallic pop, usually heard when accelerating or braking;
2. A clunk, usually heard when driving through dips in the road; and
3. A thump, usually heard when driving over rough roads.

Each of the three noises has a different probable cause. Symptom 1 is caused by insufficient clamping force of the lower arm to the subframe. Symptom 2 is caused by the front damper spring coil contacting the end of the spring. Symptom 3 is caused by faulty front dampers.

Based on the diagnosis of the vehicle’s specific symptom, torque the lower arm mounting bolts, install spring silencer tube sections, or replace one or both front dampers as needed.
Symptom 1: From VIN 2HNYD1…1H500001 thru 2HNYD1…1H517450
Symptom 2: From VIN 2HNYD1…1H500001 thru 2HNYD1…1H530609
Symptom 3: From VIN 2HNYD1…1H500001 thru 2HNYD1…1H521466

• Procedure B: Spring Silencer Tube: PN 52442-S0X-A01   
• Procedure C: Left Front Damper Unit: PN 51606-S3V-A04
• Right Front Damper Unit: P/N 51605-S3V-A04

Repair/Diagnostic Procedure
Perform the appropriate diagnosis based on the customer’s complaint or the symptom you hear during the testdrive.
1. Sharp metallic pop: Drive the vehicle in a full-lock turn (right or left), at about 2 to 3 mph, and apply the brakes hard. Then accelerate again to about 2 to 3 mph. Repeat this several times. If you hear a sharp metallic pop, go to REPAIR PROCEDURE A.
2. Clunk: Drive the vehicle through a dip or over a speed bump. If you hear a clunk, go to REPAIR PROCEDURE B.
3. Thump: Drive the vehicle on a choppy or washboard road. If you hear a thump, go to REPAIR PROCEDURE C.

Without removing the bolts, loosen the lower arm rear mounting bolt on each side. Torque the bolts to 90 lb-ft (122 N.m). The torque value above applies only to lower arm mounting bolts that have not been removed. If the mounting bolts are removed, they must be replaced and torqued to manufacturer’s specifications. All replacement mounting bolts are wax-coated to ensure proper clamping force. Test drive the vehicle as described in step 1 of diagnostic procedure to confirm the repair.

1. Raise the vehicle on a lift.
2. Wipe off the top section of the front damper springs with a shop towel, then clean the same section with isopropyl alcohol.
3. Cut the spring silencer tube in half with a utility knife or scissors.
4. Carefully pull down on the spring just enough to insert the spring silencer tube section onto the coil below the end of the spring. Position the spring silencer tube about 1 inch (25 mm) past the end of the spring. Repeat this step to install the other section of silencer tube onto the other front spring.
5.  If necessary, carefully pry between the spring coils with a short-handled screwdriver to ease installation of the tube sections.
6. Test drive the vehicle as described in step 2 of diagnostic procedure to confirm the repair.

1. Inspect the two front dampers.
a. If a damper is leaking fluid, replace it.
b. If the dampers show no signs of leakage, replace only the damper that thumps.
2. Check the front wheel alignment.
3. Test drive the vehicle as described in step 3 of diagnostic procedure to confirm the repair.

Courtesy of ALLDATA

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Brake and Front End Staff

Brake and Front End Staff

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