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Snap-on Introduces VERDICT Diagnostic and Information System

August 26, 2010

Snap-on introduces the VERDICT diagnostic and information system – delivering everything that diagnostics should be. With today’s interdependent vehicle controls, it’s not as simple as pulling a code. Technicians piece together the right diagnosis from multiple clues. VERDICT puts everything in their hands, anywhere in the shop.

“At Snap-on, we worked closely with technicians in the bay to learn what they would demand from the ultimate diagnostic tool,” said Mike Alberry, product manager, Snap-on Diagnostics. “They want broad capabilities to find the root cause to any problem, on any system and on any car. They want accurate results and to have confidence in the results. They also want a tool that works the way that they do, making the job easier and faster. The new VERDICT diagnostic platform is unlike anything else available in the industry; it was designed by technicians for technicians, giving them innovative freedom - diagnostics on their terms.”

Here’s what makes VERDICT uniquely flexible:

• VERDICT is modular, so technicians have everything they need. The system includes three powerful modules: the VERDICT D7 seven inch display tablet, the VERDICT S3 wireless scan module and the VERDICT M2 two channel meter.

• VERDICT is wireless. The D7 Display controls the meter and the scan module remotely without wires, so technicians have the freedom to go where the job takes them. The scope and scan modules can both be connected to the car at separate points and all be controlled remotely from the display tablet.

• VERDICT requires no keys, so technicians can use a single adapter for OBD-II compliant vehicles. Move from system to system, car to car, without changing adapters or keys.

• VERDICT can multitask. Scan the car while the scope is collecting data in the background or open a favorite Web site or technical forum while using the scan tool.

The heart of the system is a powerful Windows-based display, featuring a seven inch high resolution color touch screen that allows for navigation with a touch of a finger or stylus. A high energy, lithium-ion battery offers up to four hours per charge, or use the optional extended life battery for up to eight hours continuous runtime.

The VERDICT Scan module connects wirelessly to the display. Unlike some tools that only connect to 1996 and newer vehicles, VERDICT provides complete Snap-on software coverage back to 1980. One keyless universal OBD-II cable simplifies connection to any 1996 or newer vehicle.

The VERDICT Meter is a color graphing meter and high-speed, two-channel lab scope. Use it as a standalone, or operate it by remote control from the Display tablet, and access the Snap-on Fast-Track database of guided tests.

Technicians will be surprised by how easy it is to use VERDICT. On the home screen, 10 direct-link icons take them to any function with one touch. It offers easy touch-scroll operation and a built-in WiFi and Internet browser.
The optional ShopKey repair information system is integrated with the VERDICT diagnostic application. Just touch the information icon and ShopKey displays repair information, estimator, TSBs and maintenance procedures.

Outfit VERDICT with custom accessories to suit any style. Expand the power with the optional European vehicle software kit, a docking station, spare battery, precision amp probe and adapters for older vehicles. Protect VERDICT with the custom fit foam drawer organizers, screen protectors and a travel case.
For more information on VERDICT, contact a Snap-on representative for more information or visit


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