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ACDelco No Longer Up for Sale, but who were AC and Delco?

April 21, 2009

The “AC” stands for “Albert Champion” and “Delco” stands for “Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company”.
AC was originally called Champion Ignition after its founder, Albert Champion, this operation was acquired by

General Motors in 1909 and was re-named AC Spark Plug Company in 1922 and then AC Spark Plug Division in 1933. By then, it had become one of the best-known automotive aftermarket brands. In 1974, it became part of AC-Delco Division. In 1988, it was merged with Rochester Products to form the AC Rochester Division, which became part of AC Delco Systems in 1994.
In 1909, Charles F. Kettering and Edward Deeds founded the Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company, known as DELCO, in Dayton, Ohio. DELCO became a leader in automotive technologies during the 1900’s. Delco engineers, including Kettering, were involved in a number of research projects at DELCO. DELCO’s successes led General Motors to purchase the company in 1916.

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