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Ford/Mazda Transmission Fluid: Mazda 5 not Dextron 5

March 13, 2008

This tech tip comes from the March issue of BRAKE & FRONT END and Glen Beanard's article about the Ford Fusion 


Transmission Service
The transmission choices in the Fusion/Milan/ Zephyr/MKZ are the G5M 5-speed manual and FNR5 5-speed auto for the 2.3L versions. The manual transmission has no fluid surprises. It uses 75w90 gear oil. 
However, the 5-speed automatic does have a surprise. It doesn’t use Mercon V.  The fluid requirement of the 5-speed auto is Mazda V trans fluid. Do not confuse Mazda V fluid for Mercon V, it is not the same thing.  The Motorcraft part number for Mazda V fluid is XT-9-QMM5. The 3.0L and the 3.5L have Aisin 6 speed automatics. The 6-speed auto also contains a fluid requirement surprise of its own. It does not use Mercon V or Mazda V. It simply uses  a Mercron/Dextron equivilent. 

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