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Tech Tip: Brake Burnishing Procedures for New Brake Pads or Shoes

October 30, 2008

At Bendix, we highly recommend that new pads and shoes be broken in properly.

After every brake job the technician should first confirm that he has a good brake pedal by gently stroking the pedal to move the wheel cylinders and caliper pistons back out to the normal position. After confirming a good pedal, the follow burnish procedure should be used during the test drive:

30/30/30 Burnish Procedure

• Perform 30 stops from 30 miles per hour with a 30-second cooling interval between stops. These stops will be performed at a decelerating rate of 12 feet per second or less. This means that it should be a gentle easy stop.

• The 30/30/30 Burnish Procedure beds the pads and shoes into the rotor and drums. It also deposits the necessary friction transfer to the rotors and drums for optimum brake performance.

• Following this procedure also assures that your customer will have excellent brake performance from the first time he or she drives the car after brake service has been performed. You should not depend on your customer to break in the brake job. The only way to assure that it is done correctly is to incorporate it into your brake job test drive.

Remember, proper burnishing assures a long lasting, high performing, noise free brake job!

Courtesy of Bendix by Honeywell.

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